Sale Enquiries : 03 9799 6565
Sale Enquiries : 03 9799 6565

why masterwall?

Masterwall now provides the building industry with a superior service and a choice of premium quality insulated external wall cladding systems to achieve contemporary modern and architectural finishes and a weather-tight building envelope.

Our solution-focused design team can provide invaluable information to assist with the many aspects of a building project. This includes advising on how our new and innovative systems and products can be utilised to maximum benefit at both the design and building stages.

Masterwall has developed a reputation for excellence in the residential construction industry and working with modern design construction. Masterwall installation service ensures complete construction detailing by onsite project management, hence giving peace of mind to the builder/owner that the installation and detailing of MasterWall products and systems are best-practice and will perform to the highest standard. Masterwall has established a major footprint working with Australian Builders in home improvement, new homes & commercial projects.

The MasterWall polystyrene cladding system has been in use in Europe and the U.S. for more than sixty years, and since its arrival here in Australia several years ago, has quickly become the cladding of choice for local builders.

The MasterWall system is lightweight construction, but it’s no lightweight when it comes to durability and strength. In fact, it has the highest standard of Accreditation by the Australian Building Codes Board, offering architectural integrity, freedom of design and even a C4 Cyclone rating.

Along with all the advantages of lightweight construction, the MasterWall system also offers superior thermal insulation – up to eight times more than brick – which means a reduction in a building’s carbon footprint and a reduction in long-term energy costs.

So, it’s environmentally responsible, looks great, makes construction faster and more economical and is suitable for use in cyclone and bushfire prone areas; the MasterWall system definitely ticks all the boxes.