Skyline, the architectural concealed waterproofing detail for use on parapet and balcony designs – with no unsightly metal cappings – is increasingly being specified on residential and commercial projects including Australand’s Parkville and Cooper Morison’s developments in Victoria.

Skyline’s advanced waterproof membrane delivers a renderable facing able to withstand harsh Australian conditions. It can be seamlessly applied over MasterWall and K-Series.

Skyline is enhancing the design of residential and commercial properties. In a way, it is revolutionising property developments by providing a more contemporary and sleek finish that is aligned with evolving design trends that feature cleaner lines and blend in more naturally with the urban environment.

Skyline provides architects and designers with the opportunity to create a continuous, monolithic finish on parapets and balconies with no ugly metal capping visible at the skyline of the building. It also allows for stain-free walls to be created due to the sloped head design of the system.

Removing the need to have unsightly metal capping on parapets and balustrades is a step forward for the industry and Skyline is increasingly being recognised as the waterproofing membrane of choice by architects and designers.

For more information on Skyline, visit: where you’ll find a system overview, architectural specs, brochures and a gallery of photos that clearly illustrate the sleek and practical finish this system delivers.