Sale Enquiries : 08 9354 8871
Sale Enquiries : 08 9354 8871


Founded by Dwayne Bourne in 2010, Masterwall WA has become the market leader in full system approach with both their MasterWall polystyrene cladding and the K Series phenolic cladding systems.

Masterwall WA is an Australian company specialising in insulative building envelope technologies for residential and large volume commercial projects. Masterwall WA is committed to continually raising the benchmark in product development, design innovation, project management and technical expertise. Our people are experienced in delivering all stages of a project including design consultation, technical support and installation.

Masterwall WA now provides the building industry with a superior service and a choice of premium quality insulated external wall cladding systems to achieve contemporary finishes and a weather-tight building envelope.

Our solution-focused design team can provide invaluable information to assist with the many aspects of a building project. This includes advising on how our new and innovative systems and products can be utilised to maximum benefit at both the design and building stages.

As well as the full suite of Masterwall products, the WA team carry out a series of additional services.

The team at Masterwall WA offers full solutions service to builders and owner builders who are looking for a one stop shop. From the installation of the floor using state of the art beams to wall framing and cladding to the roofing Masterwall WA are able to give the builder peace of mind that the project will be completed and handed over in a watertight state. The full solutions offering also includes floor and roof trusses.