Sale Enquiries : 03 9799 6565
Sale Enquiries : 03 9799 6565


Masterwall Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Masterwall products made?

All of our MasterWall products are made in Melbourne, Australia.

What substrates can MasterWall be fixed to?

MasterWall can be fixed to brick walls, tilt-up walls, timber and steel frame or any structural substrate.

What level of finish can I expect when using Masterwall?

Our default finish is specified Acratex render by MasterArt, Dulux, Taubmans, Wattyl, MAC and Sto mineral render system.

What are the benefits to be gained by utilizing Masterwall?

There are countless benefits to be gained by using MasterWall in your build. These include:

-Energy efficiency
-Superior thermal performance
-Architectural and design freedom
-Speed of construction
-Saving in development costs
-Engineering savings
-Scaffolding time reduction and saving
-Full system certification
-Local technical support in each state
-Utilising a system that has been used globally for over 60 years

What are the thermal ratings, fire ratings, acoustic ratings and cyclone ratings of Masterwall?

Thermal Rating: From R1.8 to R4.5

Fire Rating: Certified bushfire attack level BAL 29 and BAL 40, and FRL when used in conjunction with Fyrchek

Acoustic Rating: RW35

Cyclone Rating: C4 Cyclone certified panels

Is MasterWall weather resistant?

Yes, MasterWall features full weather proofing and a water tight system certification.

Can Masterwall be used for two-storey or multi-storey builds?

Absolutely. In fact, MasterWall has proven capabilities in:

-Residential, double and triple storey homes
-Mixed use

What is MasterWall’s level of building certification?

MasterWall has the highest level of certification in Australia under the Building Code of Australia, a ‘Code mark Full System Accreditation’.

What are MasterWall’s panel size and thickness options?

Panel Sizes (Width x Height): East Coast – 2400mm x 1200; WA – 2300mm x 1200mm

Panel Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm

What is the K-Series’ panel thickness?

50mm, 80mm

Do you have installation guides and architectural details?

Yes, all our construction manuals can be downloaded here.

Is the window fixing method involving Masterwall face or integrated?

We use a face window fixing method.

What are the finish options for Masterwall?

We can do a textured finish or approved tiles or claddings.

How long will it take for MasterWall to be installed in my property?

You can easily calculate the timeframe of the MasterWall installation by calculating 80-100sqm per day.

What makes MasterWall unique to other building options?

MasterWall uses pre-meshed ‘M’ grade panels utilizing the highest quality of system components globally and a SYSTEM certification, not just panel certification.